The Construction Guys (Canada) is a General Contractor business with the knowledge, experience, and skills to work on Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Painting, and General Home Remodeling in the South of Ontario, Canada. Remember we negotiate the price but not the quality. Contact us today.


With The Construction Guys (Canada), every paint job regardless of budget has luxury built-in. We can build lasting value into your home that can be enjoyed as well as create valuable equity. Contact us to get your FREE quote.


You might be pretty happy with the home you have, but you could just use a little more room. Perhaps a new kitchen, an ensuite bathroom or a family room is in order. Time to consider an addition or garage conversion. We are here to help you, Contact us and we will give you ideas and tips to save in that project.

About Us

The Construction Guys (Canada) is an experienced full service remodeling, repair and renovation contractor that you can depend on. We do larger jobs as well as projects that are more modest in scope and have built a solid reputation for outstanding commercial and residential renovations that blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

We feel that our small size allows for more personal service and simplifies the decision process between us and the owner. When the workload demands it, we hire additional people and often sub-contract our work but always keeping an eye on the project because it keep being our responsibility.

Whether you’re looking to do interior or exterior work or need a little of both The Construction Guys (Canada) can take care of your needs. …more


Get tax-free government grants for home renovations.

Ontario Grants

The Government of Canada ecoENERGY grant program awards Ontario homeowners with tax-free rebates for home energy improvements. For more information click HERE